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MARATHA HIGH SCHOOL was established in 1936 under the aegis  of “Maratha Vidya Prasarkh Samaj”. Since then the school has  rapidly grown with gigantic strides to boast of 1200 students and more than 110  teaching and over 100 support..

Sarchitnis desk

This beautiful & profound statement encapsulates the value of education. Nothing can quite uplift our spirit in quite the same manner as education does. Yes, there are some exceptions of people attaining greatness without formal education. But for the rest of us, education is the foundation on which to build our dreams into reality. Not long ago, education merely meant the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught.
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मराठा विद्या प्रसारक समाज संस्थेचे संस्थापक कर्म.रावसाहेब थोरात, कर्म.काकासाहेब वाघ,कर्म.भाऊसाहेब हिरे,कर्म.अण्णासाहेब मुरकुटे,कर्म.गणपत दादा मोरे,कर्म. डी .आर.भोसले,कर्म.अॅड बाबुराव ठाकरे,कर्म.विठ्ठलराव हांडे,कर्म.वसंतराव पवार हितचिंतक व देणगीदार यांच्या योगदानातून ही संस्था उभी राहिली आहे.त्यांच्या प्रेरणेनेच बहुजन समाजाला ज्ञानाची दालने खुली झाली आहेत.त्यापैकीच हे एक दालन म्हणजे मराठा हायस्कुल, ०६ ऑगस्ट १९३६ साली मराठा हायस्कुलची स्थापना झाली.
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August 2020

Happy To Announce 84 years of Quality Education

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